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Ignite Madison #6, Life with Beer

May 6th, 2015, 8-10pm

This Ignite Madison event will be a collaboration with the Madison Craft Beer Week.  It will be one of the many events of Craft Beer Week and it’ll again be at the High Noon Saloon, featuring 10 people with stories to tell about beer.

Be sure not to miss it – as the evening will also include DJ Mike Carlson, pre-, mid- and post-speaker social/bar time, a raffle and in general, a great night with at least 200 of your closest Madison friends! This event is truly a party — one that celebrates the people who are all about putting thought into action.

Tickets are $9 in advance and $14 at the door. All proceeds go to the River Alliance of Wisconsin.

If you have a beer related story, please apply to speak.

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Our Presenters

Turbo Tap

Matt Younkle

Matt Younkle is most famous for inventing the TurboTap, a device that pours draft beer faster and with less waste. Presently, he’s charting the path for the future of music collecting as the CEO of Murfie. Invite Matt to your next party—he’s got your beer and music covered.

The Place of Beer

Joe Walts 

Joe Walts grew up in the ‘burbs of Detroit and began brewing at home in 2003. He abandoned a career in aerospace engineering to become a commercial brewer in 2005, and recently returned to Ale Asylum for a second term as the brewery’s QA manager.

Beer Geek Taxonomy

Chadwick C. DeVoss 

Chadwick C. DeVoss is a technology product manager by day. He is a beer collector, cellarer, drinker, traveller, adventurist, other silly descriptors. If it’s beer-related, there is a good chance he’s aware, involved, or disgusted by it. Most weekday afternoons you can find him behind a laptop, working from a barstool at one of the fine beer purveyors of Madison.

Triumph and Tragedy of a Homebrewer

Patrick Siebold 

Patrick Siebold is a home brewer who has spent the past three years brewing copious amounts of delicious beer for lucky friends. Music was his first passion and he has incorporated a punk DIY philosophy into brewing. He won two home brewing competitions in six months and is releasing a Cocoa Chipotle Stout at Next Door Brewing and Tex Tubb’s during Craft Beer Week.

Mead Made Modern

Colleen Bos 

Colleen Bos is the founder of Bos Meadery, which produces dry and sparkling meads made with local and regional ingredients. She has an MA in Medieval History, has attended Siebel Institute’s concise course on brewing technology, and has 15 years of experience as a project manager in research and technology.

If This Is Beer, What Have I Been Drinking All These Years?

Jeff Glazer 

Jeff Glazer is a Co-Founded Madison Craft Beer Week in 2011. He has worked as a lawyer for startup breweries since 2007. He has been drinking beer for much longer than that.

How to Start a Brewery

Henry Schwartz 

Colorado native turned Wisconsinite, Henry Schwartz began dabbling in business at age 15 with running a retail skateboard shop. Bit by the entrepreneurial bug he studied entrepreneurship at UW-Whitewater and co-founded the launch of MobCraft Beer.

Will Work For Beer

Krystina Engebos

After landing herself her first ever grown-up job, Krystina found herself dreaming of her glory days at Titletown Brewing Co. Thankfully, the transition from hydrology to craft beer was easy for her when she returned to Titletown first in the brewpub and now specializing in distribution sales and promotions. Krystina is also the co-founder of Green Bay Craft Beer Week.


James Altwies

James is a passionate farmer and scientist not to mention an opinionated beer geek. He has managed to combine his two great joys into a thriving hop production (Gorst Valley Hops) and beer chemistry consulting business. He has 20+ years experience in specialty crops with a Masters degree in horticulture from UW-Madison.

Wild Fermentation

Levi Funk

Levi Funk is the founder of Funk Factory Geuzeria and specializes in Lambics and wild fermentation more broadly. He has been working in collaboration with O’so Brewing for the last 3 years and has just recently started filling a barrel warehouse here in Madison.

Ignite Madison #5 “Music Matters” Recap

Thanks for coming!!

10 speakers each gave 5 minute presentations with the theme of the night “Music Matters.” The night included DJ Mike Carlson and all proceeds went to the Madison Music Makers.

Watch the videos below or on the playlist on YouTube.

Fiddle Sisters – Fiddle Makes Family

Laura Kruschke

Beth Kille

Radish & Dudley Noon

Michael Ross

Alida LaCosse

Anna Vogelzang

Sara Tetzloff

Adam Steinquist

Steve Faulkner

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Ignite Madison #5, Music Matters

January 21st, 2015, 8-10pm

Tickets are $14 at the Door.  C’mon down.

This Ignite Madison event at the High Noon Saloon will feature 10 people passionate about music, whether it be the music they play, listen to, teach, write, use in their work,… all sorts!

Be sure not to miss it – as the evening will also include DJ Mike Carlson, pre-, mid- and post-speaker social/bar time, a raffle and in general, a great night with at least 200 of your closest Madison friends! This event is truly a party — one that celebrates the people who are all about putting thought into action.

Tickets are $9 in advance and $14 at the door. All proceeds go to Madison Music Makers.

Tickets are $14 at the Door.  C’mon down.

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Our Presenters

Fiddle Makes Family, Sisters in Music

Sharon Holthaus & “Family”

In the last year and a half of playing together, the Fiddle Sisters have helped each other grow as musicians in different ways – becoming a better music reader, playing by ear, crafting harmonies (a necessity for five fiddles playing together), and getting up the gumption to play out.  Without each other, our violins would come out of their cases infrequently, and playing together is infinitely more gratifying than playing alone.

Aca-what? Acappella, that’s what.

Laura Kruschke 

Back in 2007, after Laura took a trip to San Francisco to commiserate with other like-minded aca-nerds from around the country, a new league of a cappella groups was founded and greenTONE a cappella was one of the first groups in that league.  Almost 8 years later, gT continues to entertain for a wide variety of events, from holiday parties to concerts in caves to weddings to flash mobs and even singing the National Anthem at Miller Park for sold-out ball games.  Laura has a degree in music education from UW Madison and is a proud mom to 3 very musically-inclined kiddos.

Changing the Culture of Boys’ Singing in Madison

Michael Ross

Michael Ross is Artistic/Executive Director of Madison Youth Choirs. Previously, he taught at West High School, Edgewood College, UW-Madison and area elementary schools. Michael is a UW-Madison graduate with degrees in Music Education, but really he’s husband to the amazing Kirsten and father to the wonderful Ethan and Elliot.

Guitar Building: A New Way to Think

Adam Steinquist

Adam Steinquist is a luthier, living and working in Madison. He studied Guitar Construction and Repair, Violin Repair, and Archtop Construction in Red Wing, Minnesota from 2008-2010. After finishing school, he moved to Santa Cruz, California to work in a guitar building shop before settling in the Madison area to work at a guitar and violin repair shop. He now independently builds and repairs all manner of stringed instruments for Madison’s local musicians.

Music: A Life Force

Sara Tetzloff

Sara Tetzloff is a marketing professional by day, cover band front woman by night. Nourished by her family and friends, her passion for music began at birth and has been the bug in her ear ever since. The journey has made all the difference.

Anna Vogelzang

Anna Vogelzang has been making songs since 2000, playing them in public since 2003, and driving them around the country since 2007. Her melody-driven, multi-instrumental folk-pop ballads have landed her at festivals, conferences, and on bills with some of her heroes. Vogelzang plays the banjo, ukuleles, guitar, and kalimba on stage, but has always been a singer who loves words and feelings first and foremost.

Alida LaCosse

Alida studied Music Education at The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, earning a BFA in Music Education with an emphasis on Violin and Voice. During her studies, she spent the summer’s in Upstate New York working with The Harlem Boys Choir under the watchful eye of Dr. Turnbull. She also worked in The Milwaukee Community as Assistant Conductor of The Youth Leadership Academy Boy’s Choir. An active performing musician as well, Alida was a member for 10+ years with The Heritage Chorale of Milwaukee under the baton of the esteemed Ella Washington. Alida has performed around the world, nationally and locally as a member of many different musical organizations including as a member of Milwaukee’s own Unlooped. She was The Director of Choral Activities for 10 years at Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts.

New Nature Collective : A New Age Art Movement

DJ Radish & Dudley Noon

Rashad Sallis (DJ Radish) was born & raised in Chicago and moved to Madison in 2008 to pursue a career in the automotive industry. Shortly after he arrived in Madison, he found his true calling : music. His quick rise to the top of the dj community in Madison caught the ear of Hip Hop legend, F.Stokes. Radish began to produce and dj for F. Stokes while maintaining a career as an electronic ­music producer and DJ. Since, he has embarked on different journeys with the groups Swagu, Dense City, and most recently has co­founded an art and music collective, New Nature Collective.Jake Stottler ­(Dudley Noon) moved to Madison in 2009 to complete his degree in Life Sciences Communication from UW ­ Madison. While attending school at UW, Jake was committed to his pursuing a professional music career by touring in the successful Jam­tronica band, Wook. Shortly after completion of his degree, Wook had disbanded. Jake’s passion for music had driven to reinvent himself as a musician under the moniker, Dudley Noon. Since, Jake has formed the group, Dense City with Radish, collaborated with transformationalist Flowpoetry, and most recently has co­founded an arts and music collective, New Nature Collective.

Inspire to Create

Beth Kille

Beth Kille is an award-winning performing songwriter, audio engineer/producer, songwriting instructor, Executive Producer of the Madison Area Music Association Awards, host of Madison’s Chick Singer Night, co-founder of Flannel Fest, Music Director for Girls & Ladies Rock Camp Madison and a mom. She hopes to inspire all to embrace their creativity.

Bach, Van Gogh, and Trying Not to Cry During Your Piano Recital

Steve Faulkner

Tickets are $14 at the Door.  C’mon down.

Ignite Madison #4 Recap

10 speakers each gave 5 minute presentations with the theme of the night “Attainable Sustainable.” The night included DJ Mike Carlson and all proceeds went to the Sustain Dane.

Watch the videos below or on the playlist on YouTube.

Jim Carrier – What I’m Leaving My Daughter

Shannon Bunsen – Creating My Own Sustainability Job

Eric Bescak – From Cringe to Crave: How I Got Over My Disgust for Eating Insects

David Ropa – Spring Harbor Sustainable Greenhouse

Selamawit Zewdie – The Rude Awakening: The Transition to Sustainable Livelihood

Keefe Keeley – Farm Fail: The Unforeseen Benefits of Neglect

Kristopher Steege-Reimann – Net-Zero Housing for the Rest of Us

Laura Distin – Every THING Has a Purpose

Trevor Franda  – Dual Development, Thousands of Miles Apart

TetraPAKMAN – How Become a Tetrapakman and the Dreams

IgniteMadison #4, October 8th, 2014

Attainable Sustainable

Acting Today for a Better Tomorrow

The next Ignite Madison is on the books! It’ll be October 8th, 8-10pm at the High Noon Saloon as the others were.

This Ignite event will feature ten people who are passionate about reusing, repurposing and making the most of our natural, social and economic resources — be it through business practices, food choices, making (or remaking) things, home dwelling decisions and much more.

Be sure not to miss it – as the evening will also include DJ Mike Carlson, pre-, mid- and post-speaker social/bar time, a raffle and in general, a great night with at least 200 of your closest Madison friends! This event is truly a party — one that celebrates the people who are all about putting thought into action.

Ignite Madison is also a philanthropic event — with all proceeds donated to Sustain Dane. Partnering with Sustain Dane is important to Ignite on a night with these great sustainability stories, as their mission is to foster a rich and diverse community of sustainability champions. Think of them as connectors, facilitators, educators, organizers, sustainability entrepreneurs and networks. They connect world trends to local needs and interests to create innovative new programs and projects.

Tickets are $9 in advance and $14 at the door. All proceeds go to Sustain Dane.

Buy Tickets Online Here »

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Our Presenters

The Rude Awakening: The Transition to Sustainable Livelihood

Selamawit Zewdie

Selamawit Zewdie a Ph.D. student at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. Her research area looks at how emerging markets can leapfrog flawed systems to create and adapt to holistic sustainable models that function equitably, ecologically, and economically.

From Cringe to Crave: How I Got Over My Disgust for Eating Insects

Eric Bescak


Eric Bescak is a 2015 MBA candidate at the UW-Madison School of Business—specializing in marketing and entrepreneurship. He most recently worked as a healthcare marketing professional for General Electric. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in literary study from Kenyon College and the University of Chicago. He’s been thinking about starting a business involving edible insects. He is not crazy about eating bugs and he blogs at

Net-Zero Housing for the Rest of Us

Kristopher Steege-Reimann

Kristopher Steege-Reimann has developed rural electrification and efficient lighting initiatives throughout Chile; consulted with homeowners about energy efficiency improvements in Madison; started an LED lighting business; and remodeled two homes to be more beautiful and energy efficient. He lives in Madison’s Darbo-Worthington neighborhood with this wife, a naughty shiba, chickens, and honeybees.

Creating My Own Sustainability Job

Shannon Bunsen

Shannon moved to Madison in 2008 to become a badger. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Zoology and Spanish, but contrary to popular belief, she does not teach monkeys how to speak a second language. She spends her days exploring music and the outdoors, different perspectives and new opportunities.

What I’m leaving my daughter

Jim Carrier

Jim was raised on a farm where the circle of life was plain to see. Roaming the American West, he wrote about climate, water, air, waste. Later, Jim built a house off the grid and sailed the Atlantic in a small boat – they showed him what sustainable

Every THING Has a Purpose

Laura Distin


Laura Distin is an expert furniture re-finisher with 18 years’ experience, which began from dragging home curbside finds to make them her own. She sees the beauty in others’ unwanted items and her goal is to help you see their potential too, and in turn, in yourself.Read more at the Ironstone Nest web site and blog.

Spring Harbor Sustainable Greenhouse

David Ropa

David Ropa began his career as a research coordinator, promoting the use of U.S. agricultural ingredients in food product development. For the past 15 years, he has been an environmental science teacher in the Madison Metropolitan School District with the primary mission to get young people outdoors.More about the Spring Harbor Greenhouse

How Become a TetraPAKMAN and the Dreams



TetraPAKMAN, is a Mexican artist working in social sculpture. His work focuses on issues of sustainability. His community-generated projects are made from thousands of repurposed, everyday objects gathered via the USgathering Project, combining participatory workshops, energetic public activities, school visits, monumental pieces, abstract art, education, and environmental activism.Tetrapakman: The Meadowridge Art Project

Farm Fail: The Unforeseen Benefits of Neglect

Keefe Keeley


My failures to become a farmer have been oh so beneficial. I’ll tell a few tales of how the very nature I was out to restore turned on me. I’ll thank the wild animals who wholly destroyed my tender crops had planted for convincing me I’m better off not trying to hack it as commercial farmer. I’ll touch on opportunities this redirection offered me to make the world more sustainable by supporting other farmers of greater skill and thicker skin.Keefe is the ED at the Savanna Institute

Dual Development – Thousands of Miles Apart

Trevor Franda


Trevor Franda is an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin Business School studying Finance and Economics. He likes to believe that he can solve the world’s problems through business sustainability initiatives, and runs a non-profit organization that gives out micro-loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Ignite Madison #3 Recap

Another great night!!

10 speakers each gave 5 minute presentations with the theme of the night “All Things Food.” The night included DJ Mike Carlson and all proceeds went to the Community Action Coalition.

Watch the videos below or on the playlist on YouTube.

Peter Allen – Eat Your Ecosystem

Bowen Close – Overcoming Fears for Joyful Eating

Scott Kesling – Think Globally, Act Locally

Jim Jelak – My Dinner With Grandma

Kelly Maynard – Trigger Happy

Dan Bonanno – Tradition Behind Cooking

Megan Cain – How I Became a Gardener

Branden Byers – Why I Ferment Food

Gray Miller – The Ravenous Horde: Single-Parent Meal Planning

Andrew Gierczak – Beer a Personal Journey

Great Door Prizes for May 21st Ignite, Thanks Sponsors!

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We also have DJ Mike Carlson for the time before, between, and after the talks