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Ignite Madison #3 Recap

Another great night!!

10 speakers each gave 5 minute presentations with the theme of the night “All Things Food.” The night included DJ Mike Carlson and all proceeds went to the Community Action Coalition.

Watch the videos below or on the playlist on YouTube.

Peter Allen – Eat Your Ecosystem

Bowen Close – Overcoming Fears for Joyful Eating

Scott Kesling – Think Globally, Act Locally

Jim Jelak – My Dinner With Grandma

Kelly Maynard – Trigger Happy

Dan Bonanno – Tradition Behind Cooking

Megan Cain – How I Became a Gardener

Branden Byers – Why I Ferment Food

Gray Miller – The Ravenous Horde: Single-Parent Meal Planning

Andrew Gierczak – Beer a Personal Journey