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Ignite Madison #4 Recap

10 speakers each gave 5 minute presentations with the theme of the night “Attainable Sustainable.” The night included DJ Mike Carlson and all proceeds went to the Sustain Dane.

Watch the videos below or on the playlist on YouTube.

Jim Carrier – What I’m Leaving My Daughter

Shannon Bunsen – Creating My Own Sustainability Job

Eric Bescak – From Cringe to Crave: How I Got Over My Disgust for Eating Insects

David Ropa – Spring Harbor Sustainable Greenhouse

Selamawit Zewdie – The Rude Awakening: The Transition to Sustainable Livelihood

Keefe Keeley – Farm Fail: The Unforeseen Benefits of Neglect

Kristopher Steege-Reimann – Net-Zero Housing for the Rest of Us

Laura Distin – Every THING Has a Purpose

Trevor Franda  – Dual Development, Thousands of Miles Apart

TetraPAKMAN – How Become a Tetrapakman and the Dreams