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Ignite Madison #8, Getting Away

Tuesday, January 19th, 6:30-8:30pm

This Ignite Madison event will be talks by people inspiring and enlightening us about how they “get away”. As with previous Ignites, the event will be at the High Noon Saloon and will feature 10 people with stories to tell about “Getting Away”.  

Be sure not to miss it – as the evening will also include DJ Mike Carlson, pre-, mid- and post-speaker social/bar time, a raffle and in general, a great night with at least 200 of your closest Madison friends! This event is truly a party.

Our nonprofit partner for this event is Arts Wisconsin. Funds from ticket sales go directly to them.

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Our Speakers

How did a girl like me, end up in Pakistan?

Kathy Utley


Currently working as a nonprofit consultant for the Greater Madison Jazz Consortium. Formerly the Food Security Manager at the Goodman Community Center & The Construction Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity of Dane County. Currently serve on the Madison Food Policy Council and the Dane County Commission on Poverty. The mother of three beautiful children and the proud grandmother of three lovely granddaughters.

How Yoga Helps Me Not Be An Ass

Stephen Balsley


Stephen is a husband and a dad and a bike rider and a yogi. He probably likes ice cream and beer and bourbon more than he should.

Malbec, Mate, y Montañas

Danette Daniels


Danette grew up in the mountains in Utah, lived in New York City, Connecticut, on the beach in Santa Cruz, California, and for the last 10 years in Madison. She loves travel, adventure, learning and speaking languages, meeting new people, and all things outdoors including road and mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, and trail running. She has been doing scientific research since she was 18, with a PhD in biophysics, and a long time focus on epigenetics and cancer. Her most favorite things in life are her family and her kids, including a foreign exchange student this year.

I get away to get to work

James Burnham


Born and raised in Decatur Georgia, I first travelled to China in 1998. I came to Wisconsin in 2003 to work with the International Crane Foundation and received a M.S. from UW-Madison in 2007. I’m currently working on a Ph.D. there in the department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology.

My Recurring Dream

Mark E. Griffin


Mark Griffin is a storyteller from the east coast who calls Madison home. He loves stale coffee served by gruff waitresses, strange people, and familiar places.

He loves when you laugh. And he loves it when you are amazed by things. He is sometimes happy, sometimes sad, and also experiences other emotions that you do too.

You know where to find him.

Get Away…at Your Local Library!

Tracy Herold


As a librarian and library director for more than 20 years, Tracy has seen first hand how technology has transformed libraries from housing collections to making connections. She is the director of the Dane County Library Service, an agency that delivers library service to county residents in cool ways – think Bookmobile!

Out of Your Mind

Otehlia Cassidy


Otehlia founded Madison Eats in 2012, after spending years trying to create her ideal job which combines a passion for great food, teaching, dancing, and sustainable community development. What emerged is a business connecting people with Madison’s rich local food scene through food tours, and special foodie events. Otehlia busts a move whenever possible.

Life in the Bike Lane

Jackson Foote


Jackson Foote, a former strategic communicator for political advocacy groups, came to Madison to pursue “the life of the mind”… he became thoroughly disillusioned with the higher-education-non-profit-financial complex and now does landscaping/snow removal.

Onwards We Go

Christina Taddy


Christina Taddy co-founded Onwards with her brother, Jacob. She shared a similar love for travel, especially after spending time throughout central America in a study abroad program. She holds a variety of experiences from micro-enterprise development with FoodRoots in Oregon, teaching in Honduras, receiving her Masters of Public Administration, and currently serving as the Development and Operations Manager at Milwaukee Riverkeepers.