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Ignite Madison #2 Recap

What a great night!!

10 speakers  each gave 5 minute presentations with the theme of the night “Crafted by Hand.” The night  included DJ Mike Carlson and all proceeds went to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Dane County.

Jon Alling – Becoming a Maker

Bill Winfield – Bipolar Woodworking

Yuyen Chang – I see therefore I Make

Adriana Willsie – Paint, Fur and Serendipity

Ryan Browne – Poetry & Pints

Giovanna Couey – A little bit of Frosting and a lot of Elbow Grease

Jeff Szpak – Cigar Box Guitars, An Unexpected Journey

Nicholas Schmidt – The Jean-etic Makeup of Success

Robin and Marty Lawson – Geek + Art = TechnoFashion

Pete Prodoehl – Making Without A Choice


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Awesome Door Prizes for February 12th Ignite, Thanks Sponsors!

The Madison community  has come through and we have 5 great sponsors of door prizes for the February 12th Ignite Madison event.

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One $150 Lands End gift card

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Thanks to our friends at Karben4, 30 people have purchased tickets to Ignite which includes a free pint of Karben4.



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Thanks to World Run who is supporting us by making the DJ happen.

IgniteMadison #2, Crafted by Hand

February 12th, 8pm

At this Ignite, we’ll learn from ten people who are using their creative talents in unique ways to craft or engineer items from scratch. This could include making artisanal foods, 3D printing or prototyping, screen printing, metal working, illustration, and much, much more!

Being a “maker” certainly casts a wide net – some have turned these talents into a profitable business model, while some turned them into a hobby cherished by friends and family. By any measure, they’re out there making things happen, making a positive impact, and inspiring Madisonians to join them.

Backed by 20 slides (which auto-advance every 15 seconds) for a total presentation of only 5 minutes, they are sure to enlighten and inspire us (and perhaps get us all making something of our own).

Make sure you don’t miss it – the evening will also include a DJ, pre-, mid- and post-speaker social/bar time, and in general a great night! Make no mistake — this is a party, a celebration of all things handmade. All proceeds will be donated to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Dane County.

Sara Nics, Producer for Public Radio International and Wisconsin Public Radio, will be the guest MC for the night!

View the recap and videos

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Our Presenters

Geek + Art = TechnoFashion

Robin and Marty Lawson

Lumen Electronic Jewelry is the joint project of Robin and Marty Lawson. Life-long tinkerers, siblings, and fourth generation engineers, they take the guts of circuit boards and make distinctively awesome solar powered designs to showcase the uniquely beautiful and strangely organic soul of

Poetry & Pints: Crafting Beer Like Writing Verse

Ryan Browne

Ryan Browne has a degree in poetry. Seriously. And has published a book of poetry. Seriously. And he taught poetry in maximum-security prisons for four years. Serious. Now he has the best job on Earth because he talks about brewing and beer all day at The Wine and Hop

Paint, Fur and Serendipity

Adriana Willsie

Adriana Willsie is an unapologetically upbeat artist. After a silly misunderstanding launched her painting career, Adriana spent years searching for the right subject matter. She finally found it — and she has now hand-painted over 200 quirky pet portraits.

Becoming a Maker

Jon Alling

Jon lives on both sides of the fence. He co-founded his company’s sustainability movement, yet is slowly killing off the worlds forests with his excessive use of post-it notes. And he has spent most of his career designing products for other people, until one day he started making for

I see therefore I Make

Yuyen Chang

Yuyen Chang is interested in relating egalitarianism to beauty, the human body, and the ways we view our mundane surroundings. She has explored these ideas through jewelry, mostly in the demanding medium of metals. She values metalsmithing’s long tradition of craftsmanship, and the subtle aesthetic differences hand work could

Making Without A Choice

Pete Prodoehl

Pete Prodoehl has been attempting to make things since he was a small child, and occasionally, he succeeds. Some people can choose to make things, and some people can’t not choose to make things. Pete stands firmly in the second

Cigar Box Guitars, An Unexpected Journey

Jeff Szpak

Husband, Father, Front End Developer, tech lover, and extreme app junkie, Jeff recently found the joy of creating Cigar Box Guitars by hand from junk parts and a box of forgotten dreams.

A little bit of frosting and a lot of elbow grease

Giovanna Couey

Giovanna Couey works for Shine United. She lives in downtown Madison with her husband Robb and their dog Lola.Giovanna has always loved baking- and started thinking of seriously opening a bakery in 2007. In 2012, she had her first cupcake order, and Frosted Cupcakes was born.

Bipolar Woodworking

Bill Winfield

My life as a woodworker has been a journey of discovery of the connection between my brain and my hands. For years I built custom kitchens, furniture and restaurant fixtures. I now build smaller products using both new and old techniques. I use 3D computer designs and a CNC to cut inlay parts. I use eighteenth century French marquetry techniques to create designs inspired by the graphically rich Art Nouveau

The Jean-etic Makeup of Success

Nicholas Schmidt

Before I found tailoring, I was caught in addiction. Life was hopeless; there was no tomorrow. I found the value in creating something beautiful with my hands, so I decided to pursue being a designer and craftsman. I’m also taking that passion and sharing it with children and adults

IgniteMadison #1, September 25, 2013

10 speakers  each give 5 minute presentations with the theme of the night “Wisconsinites at Play.” The night  included DJ Vilas Park Sniper and all proceeds went to the UW Organ & Tissue Donation Education Fund.

It was a great night!

Jane Schmieding – Adaptive Sports

Kelly McDermott

Scott Krause

Ryan Dexter


Jonny Hunter

Danielle Lee

Mike Keegan

MIchael Lemberger

Shana Martin


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