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Win a FREE Madison City Tin. Here’s How

What is a Madison City Tin?

It’s a tin of coasters. 20 coasters to be exact.  Each coaster is a $10 Dollar Gift Card at one of these 20 Great Madison Restaurants. Yes, that’s $200 value.

How you can win.

Each and every day between now and our May 17th Ignite Event, we’ll be giving away one of these City Tins.

To enter, all you have to do is Tweet about the event and cc our twitter handle (so we can keep track).  You just need to tweet once and you’re in all the drawings from now until May 17th.  Here’s a sample tweet, you can copy and paste.

Looking forward to the next @IgniteMadison "Unique Jobs". May 17th at the @HighNoonMadison tix: #storytelling


  1. Which restaurants? The ones below. You can read more about City Tins.
  2. Do I need to tweet each day?  No.  Just once please. Spamming teh twitters will get you nowhere fast.
  3. What about Facebook?  Sorry.  While we would 💙 if you posted on Facebook, their rules don’t allow this sort of thing.
  4. What about Instagram? Post a photo from your current or past work/job and @mention us. We’re @IgniteMadison
  5. Where do I pick up my City Tin if I win?  At the event silly.

These 2o Great Restaurants